PE Program

Our PE program is participating in the Fitnessgram program. The Fitnessgram is a program that tests students’ aerobic capacity, upper body strength, core strength, and flexibility.  It builds a strong healthy foundation starting with students in 3rd grade. The program teaches them, through a hands-on approach, that being physically active in childhood pays off later on in life. The results of the test classify children’s performance as Healthy Fitness Zone or Needs Improvement zone.


  • To measure Aerobic Capacity: 1-Mile Run tests a child’s endurance and is a great indicator of fitness
  • To measure Muscle Strength
  1. Push-ups are a measure of upper body and trunk strength and endurance.
  2. Curl-ups are a measure of abdominal strength and endurance
  • To measure Flexibility: Sit and reach tests for flexibility of the trunk.

6th Grade Olympiad Team

6th grade Olympiad team placed first in a 3 way tie last week in Carlinville! Mr. Seth Shultz is an Olympiad sponsor along with Ms. Cheryl Best and Ms. Katie Sutton.

We are so very proud of our students.

6th grade team: Grant Burch, Ruth Gibson, Olivia Gresham, and Juliana Scroggins

BHHS Students Attend Leading Seminars at Illinois College

image of students attending Illinois College

Bunker Hill High School Students attend  “Building High School Leaders” seminar at Illinois College.  This seminar included “Unleash the Leader Within You” lead by two-time Olympian and championship coach Sherry Winn.  Students also attended a “Building a Winning High School Resume” session on how to best promote their high school leadership experiences for college and job opportunities.