PE Program

Our PE program is participating in the Fitnessgram program. The Fitnessgram is a program that tests students’ aerobic capacity, upper body strength, core strength, and flexibility.  It builds a strong healthy foundation starting with students in 3rd grade. The program teaches them, through a hands-on approach, that being physically active in childhood pays off later on in life. The results of the test classify children’s performance as Healthy Fitness Zone or Needs Improvement zone.


  • To measure Aerobic Capacity: 1-Mile Run tests a child’s endurance and is a great indicator of fitness
  • To measure Muscle Strength
  1. Push-ups are a measure of upper body and trunk strength and endurance.
  2. Curl-ups are a measure of abdominal strength and endurance
  • To measure Flexibility: Sit and reach tests for flexibility of the trunk.