District Office

High School Office

Wolf Ridge Office

Superintendent: Dr. Victor Buehler Principal: Mr. Matthew Smith Principal: Ms. Stephanie Cann
Secretary: Melisa Wright Secretary: Jennifer Sonnenberg Secretary: Katherine Gvillo
Treasurer: Rhonda Whitworth  Counselor:  Theresa Dissen
Phone: (618)-585-3116 Phone: (618)-585-3232 Phone: (618)-585-4831
Fax:      (618)-585-3212 Fax: (618)-585-3241 Fax: (618)-585-3123
Address: 504 East Warren St.Bunker Hill, IL 62014 Address: 314 S. Meissner St.Bunker Hill, IL 62014 Address: 700 W. Orange St.Bunker Hill, IL 62014

*Administration and faculty email address are first initial and last name (no spaces) (An exception to this rule is Melisa Wright who may be contacted at