Wolf Ridge Dreamflag Project

5th Grade Teacher Mrs. Cheryl Best and her 5th Grade Service Club participated in The Dream Flag Project, an annual poetry/art/community-connection project for students in K-12th grade. To participate in the project, students read the poetry of Langston Hughes, focusing on his dream poems. Students then create their own dream poems and transfer them on to pieces of cloth. They decorate their cloth and transfer them on to a line. These flags are currently displayed in Wolf Ridge halls. To date, more than 100,000 Dream flags have been created by students in 42 states and 27 other countries.

This year, Mrs. Best asked Mrs. Bristol’s high school multimedia class to come over and take a short video compilation of the flags and students reading their poems. It was a fun, learning task by all. 


Important Upcoming Events

May 11th- 8th Grade Trip to Six Flags- 8:30 am- 6:15pm
May 18th- Last Pre-K day of attendance
May 19th- Junior High Honors Recognition 2:00 pm
May 23rd- 8th Grade Graduation 6:00 pm
2:00 pm early dismissal
May 24th- Wolf Ridge Fun Day & last day attendance
2:00 pm early dismissal

National Teacher Appreciation Day


Friday, May 5th is National Teacher Appreciation Day. We would like to thank our teachers here in Bunker Hill that we feel so fortunate to have you teach our children every day! Thanks for everything you do, each & every day!!!

Student Council Hosted 3rd Annual Team Building Day

High School Student Council sponsored, by Mrs. Bristol, hosted our Annual Team-Building event Friday, April 28th. This year we invited and hosted the Junior High (sponsored by Mrs. Meisenheimer) for the morning. We had 15 stations and students were grouped in teams of 4 with students they don’t normally spend time with and were asked to complete challenges and work collaboratively together while building social skills. The challenges included obstacle courses, cookie eating challenges, 4 legged races, to inflatables. Once groups finished all challenges they were given popcorn and soda. We ended the afternoon with a presentation by Dan Strohbeck about the consequences of drinking and driving.
We think it was a successful day for both Junior High and High School. The Junior High wrote Student Council  thank you notes of appreciation and asked to come back next year. We enjoyed having them over and hope to continue the tradition.

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Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our Wolf Ridge Regional Office of Education Spelling Bee Winners for this year!

John Mize- 1st Place

Ford Klocke- 2nd Place

McKenna Wilkinson-2nd Place


spelling bee

Dream Flag Project

Our  “Dream Flag Project” is based on the Tibetan Prayer flags of the Tibetan people. The flags are to bring peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. We hope that are flags do this for you.

-The 5th grade Service Club dream flag

Drug Take-Back Event

Senator Manar is hosting a Drug Take-Back event in each of your communities on 4/29. Partnering with him is Sheriff Shawn Kahl, States Attorney Jennifer Watson, Macoupin County Anti-Meth & Other Drugs Coalition, Macoupin County Public Health Department, Police Departments from Carlinville, Bunker Hill, Gillespie, & Staunton, Michelle’s Pharmacy, and Sullivan’s Pharmacy.