Course Descriptions

Course Description Book 2018-2019

Class Standings

Freshman 0-6.5 Credits
Sophomore 7-13.5 Credits
Junior 14-20.5 Credits
Senior 21-28 Credits

Class standing will be determined in August. There will be no reclassification during the school year.


Type of Fee Amount Notes
Book Rental $110.00
PE Uniform $  15.00 Shirt only $7.50/Shorts $7.50
PE Lock $   2.00 A $5.00 fee will be charged if the lock is not returned at the end of the year
Parking $  40.00 Per vehicle
Art Lab Fee $  20.00 per semester Maximum $40.00 per school year
Drivers Education Fee $220.00 Classroom/Driving requirement -$200 & $20 to SOS for permit
Athletic Participation Fee $ 50.00 per sport Maximum of $100 per student for the school year

 Graduation Requirements
Eighteen and one-half Credits (18.5)

Computers One(1) Credit-Computer Concepts required
Consumer Education One-half(1/2)-Business Tech required
Drivers Education One-half (1/2) credit
English Four(4) credits-1/2 credit must be Speech
Health One(1) semester
Math Three(3) credits-Algebra and Geometry course required
Physical Education One(1)credit per year-Four(4) years
Science Three(3) credits
Social Studies Two Credits –One(1) credit must be US History

US and IL constitution must be taken and passed during this class.

Electives Nine and one-half (9 ½) credits

One(1) year of music, foreign language or vocational education is required.