Principal’s Messages


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at Bunker Hill High School!  I would also like to welcome and introduce our new teachers at BHHS—Mr. Doug Banwart, History; Mr. Brian Borkowski, English and Head Football Coach; and Mr. Robert Schmidt, Industrial Technology.    I look forward to serving a school community devoted to our students.

Through talented and creative student efforts, the 2017-18 Bunker Hill High School Handbook cover offers an animated glimpse of our hallway, decorated in our traditional red color.  At the end of the hallway, over the double doors, is a boldly painted phrase entitled, “Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere.”  This phrase is very true.  When our doors are opened in August, our students and staff will be entering an environment centered upon a common theme—a commitment in providing positive educational and social opportunities for our students. Through those opportunities, based upon integrity and respect, our students experience a learning environment designed to challenge, inspire and ultimately lead to many more opportunities as young adults.

I encourage all students to fully dedicate themselves to their education.  This requires a positive work ethic, time commitment, and a sense of accountability.

I also encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education, both at home and at school and by attending extracurricular activities.  Through a collaborative effort, we can certainly assist our students in reaching new levels of academic success. Feel free to contact me or your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 618-585-3232 or  Go Minutemen and Minutemaids!



Matthew E. Smith